Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018Do you have diversity in your link portfolio? Do you even know what that means? Let’s define it. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018.

Link diversity is one of the most important principles to keep in your search engine optimization arsenal. What it means is, instead of focusing on high PageRank, relevant websites within your niche and building links from those sites, you branch out and seek links from a variety of sources. A good, diverse link portfolio should include links from as many different types of sources available. Here are some suggestions:

  • High authority sites within your niche
  • Low authority sites within your niche
  • High authority sites outside of your niche
  • Low authority sites outside of your niche
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Website directories
  • Blog directories
  • Blog comments and trackbacks
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Variation in link anchor text
  • Links from multiple TLDs
  • Forum directories
  • Anywhere you can think of

Getting a more diverse link portfolio isn’t hard. It is tedious work. It requires a thoughtful plan that you can implement in just one hour a day over the course of a month or two.

Some specific strategies you can employ to create a more diverse link portfolio include:

  • Add a blog to your website
  • Participate in several forums, both within your niche and outside of your niche
  • Trackback to other blogs from your own
  • Submit articles to article directories
  • Send out press releases
  • Visit other blogs and comment on them (do NOT spam!)
  • Submit your site to website directories
  • Submit your blog to blog directories
  • Submit your forum to forum directories
  • Develop a social network and vote on each others’ stories at all the popular social bookmarking sites
  • Create wiki entries within and outside of your niche

When it comes to building links. One strategy will not do. You have to be creative and active in as many places as possible. In many cases, all you have to do become a social media butterfly. Develop solid relationships with others and some of this will take care of itself. Then you can go behind the natural progression and fill in the holes. In a little time, you can build a solid link portfolio with link diversity as your No. 1 goal.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Popularity

There is a tendency to think that the nofollow attribute in links is a link popularity and search engine optimization killer. It isn’t. While there are valid reasons for including the nofollow attribute in your links, it isn’t always necessary. Though if you feel like it is necessary then at least you should know that you’ll still get link juice from those links. Google is the only search engine that recognizes the nofollow attribute. Yahoo! ignores it completely.

We’ve seen nofollow links get counted by Yahoo! left and right. If you check your link popularity you’ll find that the Yahoo! count is almost always higher than the Google count. That’s because Yahoo! is a lot less strict on links than Google. So how does this apply if you want to engage in link building?

One danger for many webmasters is in buying or selling links. Many webmasters are afraid to sell links for fear that Google will de-list them. But Google won’t de-list you if you sell nofollow links. They don’t want you transferring PageRank or selling links for authority. They don’t care if you sell links for traffic. Sell as many links as you want and nofollow them. Your link buyers will still get points with Yahoo! for link popularity and, of course, the nofollow attribute won’t affect their traffic at all.

Premium WordPress Themes – Squidoo Optimization

Link building has been around for a long time. There are, of course, various ways to go about building inbound links for you website. No one way should be the only way. Every webmaster should seek to get links from a variety of sources so that your link portfolio is diverse and not too narrow. Squidoo can help you do that.

First, Squidoo offers a way for you to earn extra income through AdSense. That may very well be a way to go for you. But don’t discount it as a way to build your SEO links.

Squidoo itself is about search engine optimization. When you build a new Squidoo lens it should be around a single topic that you optimize well and as you do be sure to build links back to your website. Each link should use an important anchor text phrase for your website and point to the ideal page for that anchor text. It’s important also to optimize your Squidoo page the same way you would a web page on your website. That will only make your links stronger.

Because Squidoo is a recognized website with strong authority, your links will count very well with the search engines and help to push your web pages further up in the rankings.

Google And DMOZ: A Love Affair Gone Cold?

Even while DMOZ is congratulating itself and giving kudos to its best editors, Google is saying that it doesn’t need to rely on The Open Directory Project any more for its information. Does this mean the love affair is over?

I think it does. One of the reasons that Google rose to prominence so fast in the late 1990s and early part of this century is because it relied so heavily on DMOZ for information about websites it was indexing. But somewhere along the line DMOZ got flooded with webmaster applications, and if you’ve been following the drama for the past four or five years, webmasters have largely lost faith in the directory. But earlier this year DMOZ set about to change that perception and started a blog. A bit too late.

One blogger took notice of a change in Google policy that essentially means the search engine is no longer encouraging webmasters to submit their sites to directories.

In a Google Webmaster Help thread, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said this:

In other words, if you’re listing your site in directories to gain access to the traffic then that’s fine. But if you expect to get link juice and a rise in search engine rankings from it, don’t hold your breath. That’s how I’m interpreting that. So, it seems to me that DMOZ links aren’t as highly regarded by Google as they used to be. And if that’s the case then why bother submitting your site to the directory. No matter how much progress ODP may have been this past year, if you can’t expect to get link juice and search engine benefits from it then it might not make a difference. I’m not sure it’s all that heavily trafficked any more. Either way, I still recommend some quality directory submission as part of a long term link building and search engine optimization strategy.

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018This isn’t directly related to search engine optimziation, but it does have some implications for video and viral marketing. You can link to a specific segment of a YouTube video within your web pages and blog articles. Were you aware of that? The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 with

It’s a real simple process. Let’s say you have a 4-hour presentation that you gave at a conference, but you just want to share one specific segment of that presentation with your web audience. If that segment falls near the 2-hour mark of the video and lasts for 20 minutes then you can link to that particular segment of the video that you upload to YouTube. All you do is a little snippet of code at the end of the YouTube video URL.

Here’s an example that shows how to link to the 3:44 mark of a 6:40 video on blog marketing.

The code you tag on to the end of the URL for the video you want to link to is #t=03m44s

The 03 is the minute designation of the video and the 44 is the second designation, so this code says to link to the 3:44 second segment of the video. It’s a great way to point to a specific part of a video that you want to highlight without forcing your viewers to watch and entire video.

Premium WordPress Themes – Social Media

If you haven’t heard by now, the Mars brand candy Skittles made a courageous effort to include social media user-generated content (UGC) on its website, but its effort has blighted its colorful face with a few ugly punches.

It was a valiant effort, and to answer the question: Yes, this kind of UGC can help you optimize your website for your important keywords. But at what cost? Well, that’s what Skittles found out.

Any time you open your company website up to the entire Web to come in and say anything they want, they will. Do you really want that? Is that the cost you’re willing to pay for search engine optimziation your website the easy way?

The comments page on a MediaPost article on this subject has some interesting question from one of the commentators:

And the answer is, no, Twitter has no profanity control measures. There’s a reason for that. It wasn’t intended to be used as a business tool to begin with. It was a social tool. And in social settings, well, people tend to let their hair down (and everything else apparently). But, like language, you can’t control how everyone else is going to use your tool (no euphemism intended).

Twitter’s API And Language Control
What Twitter does have, however, is an API. An API is a developer’s resource that allows third-parties to take the code of a website and incorporate it into another tool to create a program, script, or other application that interacts with the website represented by the API. It’s sort of semi-open source. And it has its advantages.

Twitter’s API is what made Skittles’ social experiment possible. The problem is that Skittles didn’t take the proper precautionary measures to maintain control over the content that appears on its website. The company could have taken a commenting script and placed it on the site, thereby allowing users to comment on its website and assign an administrator to manually approve and disapprove those comments. But that’s a whole different ballgame. It’s much more cool to just allow comments that appear somewhere else to show up automatically on your own site. That is soooooo cool.

But cool has its price. And that’s the lesson to learn from Skittles. But the story doesn’t end there. What Skittles’ developers failed to do was to implement their own content filters. What would have stopped them from filtering out certain words that might appear in Twitter comments and close off those comments from appearing within the Twitter stream on their website? That would have been additional work for someone, but for a company concerned about its image, it’s a necessary step. And if you’re going to use a third-party API that directs user comments to your website for instant publication it is an essential step. I wonder why no one at Skittles thought of it.

Premium WordPress Themes – Broken Links

One of the things that can put a hamper real quick in whether or not your site is a long-term success are the links. Broken links can kill you quickly. If you have enough broken links you will lose some authority and when that happens you’ll just end up losing PageRank, traffic, and who knows what else. It is critical that you fix your broken links before they fix you.

There are plenty of link checkers online that you can use to check your links to make sure you don’t have any broken. Some SEO tools include a link checker. But there is a free link checker that you use to check your internal site links.

The W3 link checker not only checks for broken links, but it will also tell you about other link issues such as unresolvable hostname issues, HTTP Head issues, and redirects.

Fixing broken links is one of the most important things a webmaster can do. Whether you have 1 link or 1,000 links, internal links or outbound links, check them today. Don’t delay and check your internal site links before they break you!

Premium WordPress Themes – Go Viral

Rand Fishkin, one of the leading search engine optimization experts and owner of SEOmoz, recently went viral in a way most online entrepreneurs can only dream of. He appeared on Oprah.

It started when Rand proposed to his girlfriend Geraldine on her favorite show, Veronica Mars. Then Oprah found out and invited both of them to be on her show prior to Valentine’s Day to talk about love. The story has been all over the Internet for the last couple of days.

So what’s the story here? If you want to go viral you need to get a name like Rand Fishkin? No. That’s not it.

How about this: Do something outrageous. Like propose to your girlfriend on her favorite show and videotape it for the entire world to see. That will get some attention. Especially if you’re already famous for doing something that few other people have done.

We congratulate both Geraldine and Rand Fishkin. Can you be that outrageous? Go viral.

Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesWhen it comes to analytics, do you know which stats you should be looking at? There are several that you should pay attention to, but do you know the most important stat to keep an eye on? Most webmasters don’t know. Professionally designed WordPress premium themes by for you.

A good analytics package should inform you of at least the following statistics:

  • Total visitor count for a given period
  • Unique visitors for the same period
  • Sources of traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Most popular pages on your site
  • Visitor time spent on your website
  • Visitor time spent on each page of your website
  • Links clicked through most often
  • Top entrance pages
  • Top exit pages
  • Number of conversions
  • Percentage conversions per visitor

This is the minimum. And the most important stat is not on this list, but your analytics package should inform you of that statistic as well. It’s keywords used to find your site.

Your keyword list is the most important stat because these are the keywords that you should use for further optimization and to attract more visitors to your site. If you can narrow down which keywords lead to the most conversions then that would be even better. And, even better than that, which keywords lead to the greatest ROI.

When looking at analytics packages, don’t even consider one that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

Premium WordPress Themes – Optimize Your Website

Google Analytics is a free web-based metrics solution offered by Google. You can use Google Analytics to help you optimize your website. You’ll have to insert the Google Analytics code into the page of your website so you can traffic important details about traffic and entrance / exit pages.

Three important tools that are a part of Google Analytics, which can help you optimize your website, are:

  • Entrance Sources
  • Entrance Keywords
  • Site Overlay

All three tools can be found under the Content tab in Google Analytics.

Entrance Sources
First, check your entrance sources. Where is your traffic coming from? If you see more of your traffic coming from other websites and social networks than from search engines then it could mean that your pages are not optimized well enough to receive the traffic that you are looking for. It could mean that you need to work on optimizing those pages for web traffic.

Entrance Keywords
Next, you want to look at the keywords people use to search and find your site in the search engines. Are those the keywords you are targeting? If not then your site may not be optimized for those keywords enough to be found in the search engines.

Site Overlay
The Site Overlay is a useful tool. You can actually have your stats overlaid on your site so that you can see which of your links are the most clicked. You can use the Site Overlay to evaluate clicks, transactions, revenue, and goals.

Another way you can use Google Analytics to help you optimize your site is by using it with Google AdWords, the pay per click service run by Google. By using Google Analytics to help you find the most profitable keywords for your site, you can then use those keywords to help you build web pages that will draw in traffic through search engine optimization, search engine marketing and convert more traffic into sales.

Premium WordPress Themes – Security Issues

If you log into Webmaster Tools and you are running an older edition of WordPress on your blog or maybe even an older version of a CMS then you’ll see a warning sign telling you that you may have website security issues. I like that.

What this tells me is that Google believes website security is important. Not only is it important from a webmaster’s point of view, where if you don’t upgrade to the newest software, the fact that Google Webmaster Tools is now warning webmasters of potential security holes means that it is possible that weaker security could affect your authority rating, search rankings, or PageRank. Do I have proof of this? No. But I’m just speculating that if Google deems it important enough to warn you of potential dangers then it’s possible that they deem it important enough to have it affect your search engine ranking and optimization or PageRank.

Think I’m insane? Then explain load time for PPC quality score. Or how about the authority of sites linking to yours.

Google has become an expert in nuanced website authority issues. Over the course of its lifetime the search engine has made some tough choices that indicate its commitment to ensuring that searchers see the best and most relevant sites for their queries. If your website has security issues then it is subject to hacker attacks and the more vulnerable it is in terms of security the less benefit it will be to searchers looking for the information you provide. Google may reason that unsecure sites pose a potential scar to their search results pages and therefore a pre-emptive strike on keeping those results clean are in order. Keep your website secure, for your good and the good of the entire Internet community.

Analytics: Can You Dispense With It?

If you run a business site of any kind then you’ll need some way to measure your traffic and conversions that you generate from all sources including your search engine optimization efforts.

Google Analytics works as a free package and there are several paid analytics packages that are worth the investment as well. Whether you pay or not is up to you, but you definitely need the minimum package and Google Analytics is enough for most webmasters to get a good idea of the usage on their website.

You need to concern yourself with more than just traffic, however. You also need to look at where your traffic is coming from (traffic sources), how long visitors are staying on your site, which pages they visit the most, how long they stay on those pages, exit links used, conversions, and even where users abandon transactions without completing them. Anything you can imagine that might be important for helping you determine how your site is used by your users, you should measure that and track it. A good analytics package can help you do that successfully.